About Me

My name is Wanda Simerly. I’m the owner/operator of Massage by Wanda.

This endeavor started long ago in my heart to help my mom with her osteoporosis, degenerative bone disease, and just help her feel better and not live in pain. I attended school at Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage (TSTM) in March of 2013. Just 5 weeks later, my mother suddenly and quite unexpectedly passed away. My dream and hopes of helping her ended there.

I reluctantly kept going, and I have my family, fellow students and educators to thank for that. Their support was unwavering. I graduated with my class in August, 2013. I began working at a local massage spa on September 11, 2013, the day my State License was posted on the Tennessee Health Boards website. I continued working there for a few weeks, and then went to work for Massage Envy at Northshore. A face-paced environment, hurting people, and incredible co-workers was just the thing I needed! After 2 years there, I transferred to the Hamilton Crossing Massage Envy, all the while working for the Gray family.

My last day there, December 28, 2017, I walked out self-employed. Whew! Scary! But God is faithful!!

I am now located in the very house that my husband and I came home to when we got married so many years ago. My dad and husband pretty much gutted the home and made it into a “clinic” for massage. I absolutely LOVE being independent and able to make my own rules! I can work as long as I want to, squeeze hurting people into my schedule, when need-be, and grow my education as well!

Currently, I am working on getting my Master Massage Technician, and also my Medical Massage Practitioner License!

I love seeing people feel better! Whether it’s “range of motion”, or simply movement without pain, I consider every client that walks through that door someone’s mom. That’s my tribute to my mom’s legacy of servitude. She was a giver on so many levels. It will take me a lifetime to come even close to having her giving heart.

Thank you for inquiring about me. I hope you come see me soon.

God is THE healer, redeemer, and savior. I’m just try to be His hands.